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Visit The Old Bank Barn

It's called a bank barn, because it is built into the side of hill, or an embankment.  The lower level of the barn has livestock stalls to keep the animals.  The upper level is mostly an area to store hay, with a small area to park equipment.


Nigerian Dwarf Goats

We have a small herd of six goats.  Four of the those goats are Nigerian Dwarf Goats.  These goats are known as dairy goats.   They are very friendly and easy to raise.

Fainting Goats

Two of our goats are Myotonic goats, also known as fainting goats.  These goats don't actually faint, their muscles get stiff when startled and they lose balance and fall over sometimes.  Mytonic goats are considered a Meat Goat.  They are easy to fence in and many people own them as pets.


Laying Hens

We have several laying hens from many different breeds.  Our flock gives us several different colors of eggs and are always entertaining to watch.  Our laying hens live in the barn and get to roam the barn yard and pastures with the goats.

Australian Shepherds

We have two Australian Shepherds.  Scout and Sydney are their names.  These dogs are always getting into trouble and keep us on our toes.  Hopefully as they get older, they will calm down and listen better.


Barn Cats

We have a total of 5 cats, and at 3 of them live in the barn.  We used to have a huge mouse problem in the barn.  But ever since we got the barn cats, mice are no longer a problem.  They are definitely a must have animal on the homestead.

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